Studio 4 Istanbul founded in March 2002, is a company of artists who make work for theater and film with two distinctive aims: creation of strongly original work and commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.

Company is based in New York and Istanbul.

We believe that theatre is to build a new world before and with the audience. Pursuing a deconstructive methodology, we endeavor to shake the very grounds of theatre and film as artistic mediums, and discover new theatrical and cinematic lands where different languages can communicate with each other.

Our works so far have addressed the issues of gender, social injustice, hegemony and violence; calling the audience for active participation in the performances and rethink their positions as passive viewers.

Studio 4 Istanbul productions tour nationally and internationally –past tours include USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia and Spain.


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